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More information about the SpiderVac spider catcher by Bug Buster


If you dislike spiders, moths, daddy long legs and other insects in your house and want to remove them without harming them, the Spider Vac spider catcher is just what you need.  


It works by quickly and easily vacuuming up the spider into a long tube so that you can release the spider outside.


The Spider Vac spider catcher is 59cm long, which means you never have to go too close to a spider.  Simply hold the open end of the nozzle a couple of cm from the spider and hold down the 'on' button until the spider has been safely hoovered up into the tube.


Now you can safely release the spider outside.


The Spider Vac Spider Catcher’s powerful motor enables you to catch spiders even when they are moving.


The Spider Vac Spider Catcher can catch spiders, daddy long legs (crane flies), moths, bees, wasps and all manner of other insects.  Quick, easy and humane catch and release.


The design of the Spider Vac spider catcher enables you to reach right into tight corners and, because it is so long, it extends your reach by two feet so that you don't need to stand on a chair to reach up to the ceiling.


Check it out in action in the video


We think the Spider Vac spider catcher is something that every home should have. Do tell your friends about us!

Free Postage, dispatched quickly, complete with a VARTA battery

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